Grace Grace Pumpkin




Pumpkin is extremely rich in omega fatty acids and vitamins, including E, K, D, A, C and a variety of Bs. It contains high levels of phytosterols, which help to reduce cholesterol and supports heart health. It is also high in minerals like magnesium, zinc and copper which boosts metabolism and immune system.


Benefits of using Pumpkin Capsules:

  • It is full of anti-oxidants
  • Supports prostate health
  • Strengthens the muscles that support the bladder and reduces bladder irritation
  • Supports your organs: especially liver, kidney, bladder and brain
  • Concentrated source of all of the vitamins
  • Beneficial for blood pressure due to copper content

Suggested dosage: 2 Liquid capsules daily, along with the meal

Direction: As a dietary supplement, Keep out of reach of children